Some recent shots

I haven't posted updated pictures in quite awhile. Here are some of my favorites from the past month!


Brie and Pear Crostini

Brie and Pear Crostini Appetizer

Sprinkle some balsalmic vinegar on top of the crostini*
Add a slice of brie
Add a slice of pear
Serve and enjoy!

*I bought the crostini ready-made at the supermarket, but you could buy regular baguette and toast it.


website is up :)

MS JESS PHOTOGRAPHY www.msjessphotography.com is now up and running! Check it out and don't forget to sign the Guest Book :)


Maternity Photo Session

Last week I was able to shoot my first maternity photo session!  It was so much fun and I am so thankful that I have such great friends who let me practice my passion of photography!


First week of school idea

Take a picture of the students during the first week of school standing next to a piece of playground equipment.  Near the end of the school year, take a picture in the same spot to show their growth and changes. Send home both pictures for a Mother's Day gift.


DIY Lantern Lamp

All you need is a lantern, string of small LED Christmas lights, and some white paper!
I cut the white paper to fit inside the glass of the lantern and then placed the lights inside.  The string of lights comes out the back of the lantern and through the door, but you can't see it once it's on the shelf.


Couple Shoot

My amazing friends let me practice my couple photography today. This one is my favorite.


Mailbox Letter Writing Station

Thought this would make a great center activity for school. Students can write letters to other students or to the teacher and place them in the classroom mailbox when finished!

Magnetic Cork Board

I am not a fan of notes and pictures cluttering the refrigerator.  I decided to make a cute cork message board so that notes can be left in a more fashionable way. 

Here's what you need:
 a piece of cork board (I bought mine in a set of 4 at Joann's), fabric, hot glue gun, and magnets.  I don't always like to put holes into my notes or pictures, so I wanted to use clothespins.  I hot glued a thumbtack to the back of the clothespins and then stuck them onto the board.  To fancy them up, I glued a piece of scrapbook paper to the top. The fabric is wrapped around the cork board, much like you would wrap a present.  That way you don't need to worry about the edges showing.  I hot glued the fabric as I was wrapping and then at the end, I glued down all of the folds.