"to do" dry erase board

Dollar store frame, scrapbook paper, and ribbon make a cheap, easy, and cute dry erase board! Simply write on the glass with a dry erase marker and wipe off when finished. Would make a good message board also to leave reminders or notes for your family.


Funfetti cookies with strawberry icing

Funfetti cake mix
8 oz. Cool Whip
1 egg
Powdered sugar
Optional: Icing

Heat oven to 350.  Mix cake mix, cool whip, and egg together.  Grease a cookie sheet.  Make a small ball out of the dough and roll into the powdered sugar, to help prevent sticking while baking.  Place on the cookie sheet and press down with a fork.  Bake for 10 minutes.  When cool, ice with your choice of icing or leave plain!


Baby Boy Shower

Saw this idea on Pinterest and loved it!

I needed something heavy to hold the clothesline in place on the mantle, but wanted it to still look nice and fit the theme.  I decided to wrap bricks like presents! Worked great! I just attached the clothesline string to the bottom of the ribbon with a simple knot (see below) and it held it in place perfectly!

Boy Baby Shower

Handmade baby shower decor
Theme: Cute as a Button

 Baby pictures of the mom and dad

 Marshmallow pops

Marshmallows dipped in Walton melting candies from hobby store and sprinkles



Classroom Birthday Board

I needed a new way to display birthdays in my classroom.  I searched on Pinterest and found some cute ideas.  Those ideas inspired me to make this:

I am going to attach a clip to each month (underneath the name of the month), so that I can slide a piece of white cardstock where I can write the students' names and dates for that month.  This way I do not need to write right on the cards, making them reusable each year.

To make this birthday board, I bought a piece of corkboard, pins, yarn, cardstock, month stickers, and mini clothespins.  I then purchased two stands to hold this board upright, as I am not going to hang it on the wall, but instead have it sit on a cabinet.


Wallpaper for Android Phones

I made this cute little camera graphic and decided to turn it into a wallpaper for my phone.  Feel free to download and use!


Cutting onion tip

Onions can be slippery to slice.  Here's a tip:

Lay the onion flat and cut one side of the onion off to create a flat area.  Then turn the onion on its flat side and slice!