Classroom Birthday Board

I needed a new way to display birthdays in my classroom.  I searched on Pinterest and found some cute ideas.  Those ideas inspired me to make this:

I am going to attach a clip to each month (underneath the name of the month), so that I can slide a piece of white cardstock where I can write the students' names and dates for that month.  This way I do not need to write right on the cards, making them reusable each year.

To make this birthday board, I bought a piece of corkboard, pins, yarn, cardstock, month stickers, and mini clothespins.  I then purchased two stands to hold this board upright, as I am not going to hang it on the wall, but instead have it sit on a cabinet.


Jordan said...

Love it! This turned out so cute and is making me want to re-do my classroom birthday bulletin board! Great job Jessica!


jess. said...

Thank you! As you saw it was very easy! :)

October said...

I think its very pretty. I might try that too in my classroom this year!

jess. said...

Thanks! Pretty easy to make and doesn't take up a whole lot of space, which we know is limited in classrooms!